Dr. Galland’s leptin diet

Many people believe that overeating is the cause of overweight, forgetting that overeating itself also has a trigger. It is called leptin. The hormone that fat cells synthesize controls hunger and helps to correct it by eliminating interference in the neurophysiological pathway of the satiety signal from leptin receptors to the brain. The fact that leptin is to blame is best known to Dr. Galland, a recognized leader in integrative and functional medicine, and his diet. Leo Galland, M.D., is a board-certified internist and member of the American College of Nutrition and the American College of Physicians.


  1. The reason for the ravenous appetite.
  2. Diet rules.
  3. Diet steps.
  4. Pros and cons of the diet.
  5. Contraindications.

The reason for the ravenous appetite

A man eats and eats and eats for a reason. The appetite is the result of a biochemical imbalance in all energy and metabolic processes in the body. This is the opinion of Dr. Galland. He also claims that if there is a cause of any pathological process, then it can be corrected by eliminating it. With the biochemical variant is even simpler: just replace some products with others, increasing the amount of some products and decreasing the amount of others. Metabolism and overeating are controlled by one hormone called leptin.

The hormone itself belongs to the peptide group and regulates energy metabolism. It is one of the adipokines, hormones of adipose tissue. Its action is anorexigenic and a drop in its levels provokes obesity. Once patients lose sensitivity to leptin for various reasons, they automatically become obese.

The triggers of leptin resistance can be:

  • improper nutrition;
  • food allergies.

The leptin diet, according to Galland, helps restore the status quo of leptin sensitivity and automatically removes extra pounds.

Diet rules

The main rules of the diet are:

  1. Eating fish three times each week.
  2. Eating fiber in the form of fruits, vegetables, cereals.
  3. Snack on healthy foods.
  4. Make a daily diet of broccoli, cauliflower, onions and garlic mandatory.
  5. To exclude fats.
  6. At all stages of the diet use only cooked, stewed, baked and grilled food.

Diet steps

The leptin diet is staged. There are only three stages: the first is 2 weeks, mostly using protein foods, the second one expands the diet, the third one is fixed.


In the first stage, you can eat mostly protein products, because they are the best way to influence the body’s sensitivity to leptin.

Sources of protein are:

  • skim milk and its derivatives;
  • fatty saltwater fish;
  • lean meat, including poultry;
  • Protein from chicken eggs.

In addition, the diet includes vegetables and unsweetened fruits, berries. Must be present: seeds and nuts, herbs and spices. You can drink water, vegetable juice and green tea.

Approximate menu for the day for the first stage

In the morning on an empty stomach – tea for weight loss.

Breakfast: boiled egg, boiled fish, chicory or coffee with milk (nonfat).

Second breakfast: natural yogurt (non-fat), 100 grams of berries, green tea for slimming.

For lunch: soup with vegetables, excluding potatoes, a sandwich with lettuce leaves and a filet of boiled turkey instead of bread, tomato. Tea – green or any drugstore tea to get rid of the extra pounds.

Afternoon snack: nuts, vegetable juice.

For dinner: baked chicken, free of skin, salad of fresh cabbage without oil or any other dressing. Tea for weight loss.

To prepare such a tea for three servings you need a bag of green tea, a dozen caps of cloves, a quarter teaspoon each of cardamom and cinnamon for 3 cups of water. The tea is made simply: pour boiling water over cloves and tea bags, insist for 3 minutes, remove the bags and add cardamom and cinnamon.


The second stage involves beans, cereals, dried fruit and dry wine.


This stage is life-long. When it comes, the menu becomes familiar, you can do everything, including potatoes and pasta. But in combination with vegetables and never with proteins. Forbidden:

  • fat cheeses, meat, milk and all its derivatives, poultry skin;
  • sweets in all forms.

Pros and cons of the diet

When it comes to losing weight by adjusting leptin, there are several options for the leptin diet. And as each system for weight loss note certain pros and cons.

The advantages of the diet include:

  • no calorie counting is necessary;
  • eating regimen;
  • sufficient (not strictly limited) number of meals ready to eat;
  • gentle way of cooking;
  • limit fats within reasonable limits;
  • varied menu;
  • blocking the beastly appetite.

Disadvantages of Dr. Galland’s diet include:

  1. Incomplete absorption of calcium, which is found in low-fat dairy products.
  2. The need to eat nuts and fruit in the first half of the day.


They are few: pathology of the intestinal tube, kidneys, lactase deficiency, gout.

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