How leptin makes people to eat more and what a leptin diet is

Leptin is a hormone that is synthesized by fat cells. Its main functions are appetite suppression and weight loss. The deficit of leptin is not good for a body, but the abundance is even worse for our health. Sometimes it makes a person not lose, but gain extra pounds. You will learn from the article how to control your leptin level.


  1. How the hormone affects appetite.
  2. What is it: leptin diet.
  3. Leptin diet regulations.
  4. How to follow the regulations.
  5. What do we have in the dry matter.

How the hormone affects appetite

We eat food, and in response our body synthesizes leptin. It enters the bloodstream and is transported to the brain, where it contacts the hypothalamus receptors, reporting on the energy potential in the body. If there is enough level of hormone, the brain gives the command to release peptides that suppress appetite. The concentration of leptin drops, respectively, the appetite increases, if there are not enough calories. That is why during diets a person experiences discomfort from a constant feeling of hunger, despite the overflow of fat depots with energy reserves.

At the same time, a high concentration of lipids in the body and overeating, especially carbohydrates, provokes an increase of leptin and stops the feeling of hunger. It seems that overweight people should have little to no desire to eat, but their leptin levels are actually high. As the result, their appetite does not decrease. Why? It is believed that the body’s sensitivity to leptin is impaired. The leptin diet is designed to restore it.

What is it: leptin diet

The nutritionist Byron J. Richards has developed this unique nutrition scheme. Today, his company is a major manufacturer of herbal supplements designed to support a leptin diet. He is the author of several books on leptin and its role in weight loss. Like any method, the leptin diet has its pros and cons.

Potential benefits

Many principles of the leptin diet are analogous to other weight control programs. The main thing is not to eat at night, do not consume large amounts of carbohydrates or additives such as soda, and control the size of portions. All in all, the diet gives healthy nutritional advice. The leptin diet also includes instructions for exercises that do not require endless workouts to lose weight.

If everything is done, then:

  • you will get rid of extra pounds;
  • after the first days you will forget about hunger;
  • build muscle mass.


Leptin diet impose restrictions on what you can eat as other diets. Therefore, not everyone will be comfortable with these restrictions, someone will feel dissatisfied with the choice of diet. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor before starting a program. Diet calories may not be enough to cover the body’s energy needs if a person is hyperactive. In addition, the leptin diet is not suitable for children and adolescents, as they grow and their calorie requirements are higher.

Leptin diet regulations

You must follow to a number of rules to maximize the effect of the prescribed diet:

  1. The main thing is not to eat in the evening. Dinner and breakfast are two meals, the gap between which should always be 12 hours. When we sleep or rest, the metabolism automatically slows down, and the body simply does not need extra fat. 12 hours is the interval that is enough for the digestion of food. Any product consumed after dinner will add body fat. Therefore, eating after dinner is taboo. Only water, and even that, in limited quantities. First you need to calculate the drinking ration: 40 ml of pure water per 1 kg of weight. Everything that you drink before dinner is also subtracted from this total. The rest is at your disposal.
  2. Three meals. It has been scientifically proven that three meals are optimal for a person. But if three meals a day, the body receives not only nutrients, it accumulates triglycerides, which inhibit the transport of leptin to the brain. In order for leptin to perform its functions, triglycerides must be eliminated. Any snack will replenish the level of triglycerides, but with three meals a day, the accumulated glycerides are consumed. This means that leptin can safely work for the benefit of human health. When we talk about the 12 hour break between breakfast and dinner, lunch in between is taken as the norm.
  3. Another golden rule is to eat slowly, in this case you will eat less. It takes 20 minutes for leptin to travel through the bloodstream to the brain, which doesn’t know if it’s full or not, until leptin tells it to. Therefore, the rate of absorption of food is important, which allows leptin to adapt to it and give signals to the brain in time.
  4. That is why you do not need to eat until you feel full, a certain volume is enough: you need to get up from the table with the feeling that you can eat something else. But why?
  5. You should start eating every day with protein. Breakfast is essential for a person, and it should be dense, that is, protein, digestible for a long time. In this case, the metabolism increases by a third, that is, you get the desired effect.
  6. Now it is important to eliminate carbohydrates. The leptin diet involves avoiding carbohydrates. They nourish our body and prevent the decrease in triglycerides, that they retain all the accumulated fat. If there is no great physical activity, carbohydrate-rich foods will add fat to us. Therefore, you need to stay away from carbohydrates during the diet.

Side effects

There are few of them, but they are really important:

  • three-time meals a day may not work the same for all body types;
  • lost kilos can be easily restored;
  • you may meet mood swings.

How to follow the regulations

You need to know the calorie content of the foods you eat to follow the diet. Please note, that you do not need to constantly count calories. The emphasis in the diet is on fresh, natural products with the rejection of chemical additives and exotics. Emphasizes the need for protein and fiber. It is necessary that each meal contains at least 400 and no more than 600 calories, while the ratio of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates should be 40:30:30.

The leptin diet involves a wide selection of vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, chicken, turkey. You can eat fruit for a dessert, but not sugar in any form. In moderation, it is permissible to eat nut butter, farmer cheese, and eggs. A good choice is corns or beans. A minimum of carbohydrates can provoke constipation or change the intestinal microflora, so you need to choose foods with fiber more often. Try to avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, energy drinks. It is recommended to exclude soy from the diet.

Many people feel hungry if their portion sizes do not exceed the size of the palm of a person during the diet, and if they do not have snacks. Water or nutritional supplements will help to deal with it. The basis of the leptin diet is controlling when and how much you eat. Do not forget about moderate exercise.

What do we have in the dry matter

The leptin diet makes it possible to have a varied, but properly balanced diet. However, if it is difficult to get rid of the constant feeling of hunger during the diet, it becomes burdensome and therefore quite dangerous. Not being able to eat when you’re hungry interferes with your normal perception of your own body’s signals. If you’re trying to make up for lost calories through supplementation, there’s always a risk of complications. Therefore, it is worth measuring seven times and cutting one off when you decide to start a diet.

Long-term health depends on long-term healthy behavior. There is no universal diet. Besides leptin, there are many other options in a weight loss strategy. The doctor will help you to make the right choice. But the conscious decision is always yours.

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