Nutritional supplements and healthy eating

The number of obese people in the world is steadily increasing. The nature of nutrition and new scientific findings, such as the discovery of the ability of fat cells to produce the hormone leptin, which controls the feeling of satiety, makes us look for new approaches to the correction of this pathological condition. One of the innovative directions in the treatment of obesity are supplements.

They normalize metabolic processes and help balance the weight. This is important because overweight is associated not only with endocrine pathologies, but also with a high risk of respiratory diseases, heart and vascular diseases, arthritis. In addition, patients who are overweight also face social problems: condemnation of others, professional discrimination, which provokes mental disorders and similar pathologies.


  1. Caloric restriction of food.
  2. Weight control.
  3. Conclusions.

Caloric restriction of food

Of course, restricting the caloric content of consumed foods remains the main condition of all therapeutic weight loss measures. But until recently, this principle implied a sharp decrease in the daily diet of proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Vitamins and minerals, fiber, natural lipotropes, which, of course, are participants in the regulation of lipid metabolism, were not taken into account. In other words, they directly affect weight.

Moreover, a deficiency of B vitamins, for example, increases the metabolism of glucose with increased formation of fatty acids. Deficiencies in chromium and zinc cause hyperinsulinemia and cause a perverse response of leptin to a person’s sense of satiety. Leptin is affiliated with insulin. In addition, micronutrients can activate the cumulation of fat in the body’s depot as an energy resource.

Deficiency of fiber (dietary fiber) can provoke insulin resistance and associated leptin resistance, which also causes the hypothalamus to respond incorrectly to the incoming food volume and feeling of satiety. Finally, minimizing lipotropic factors that enter the body in the form of omega-3 acids, amino acids, and methionine increases the risk of increased fat absorption by body tissues.

Weight Control

To normalize the nutritional situation, methods of weight control have been developed, including the release and sale of low-calorie, environmentally friendly products. One of them is NutriPro – a dietary preparation with high content of soy, which has no analogues. This dietary supplement can easily replace the usual foods, while its basis – soy protein will perform its functions on the “excellent”.

The effectiveness of the drug for weight minimization, correction of metabolic processes, improvement of cardiovascular system has been proven by clinical trials and long-term results. If NutriPro becomes the basic element of the diet for weight loss, the planned results are achieved in the short term. This serves as an additional plus to the drug.

It should be emphasized that the results achieved can be successfully maintained for up to a year, if the supplement is part of a complex diet against a background of moderate physical activity. Even a minimal weight loss has a great positive effect on the quality of life and minimizes the risk of forming pathologies associated with metabolic disorders. Experimentally proved that NutriPro balances cholesterol levels, glucose levels, normalizes leptin, blood pressure, which dramatically reduces the possibility of occurrence and progression of many pathologies.

There are special programs of weight control using NutriPro drug.

They are correlated with different groups of patients, the level of overweight, risk factors for diseases due to obesity, individual lifestyle and psychological predisposition of patients. A soy protein-based dietary supplement has minimal energy value, but it completely replaces the protein requirement that conventional foods would provide. Soybean protein, seeds fiber and phospholipids activate the feeling of satiety because they have an effect on blood leptin levels, and with an appropriate diet, can minimize the concentration of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Clinical trials have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of NutriPro. The composition of all diets based on it provides the daily norm of nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for normal functioning of the body. Quantitative norm of protein is guaranteed during the whole course of treatment, so that protein depots are not used up faster than the goal of weight loss is achieved.

If you consume 50 to 70 grams of protein daily, it will prevent a life-critical loss of about 40% of its original weight in the body. The psychomotivator of the NutriPro-based diet is considered to be rapid weight loss, which is what encourages patients to continue treatment.


Analysis suggests that low-energy diets lead to weight correction by an average of 20 kg, which significantly improves a person’s general condition, quality of life, socialization. If quitting smoking, which usually provokes weight gain, occurs on a diet based on NutriPro, patients may even lose weight during the first year of quitting smoking. A greater loss of pounds goes in groups exactly with the use of a dietary supplement compared to conventional diets. But this is true only when food substitutes are components of the daily diet and lead to rapid weight loss.

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